Sky Elebit
A Sky Elebit

Base Watts

Boss; not capturable

Special Ability

Gravity Control, Flight, Shield, Tornado Summoning

First Appears In

Mission 17

Sky Elebit tornado

Sky Elebit using a Tornado

The Sky Elebit is the game's second boss and the first boss to directly affect the story. It is actually an over-powered Orange Elebit and so it has the ability to "fly" by manipulating gravity. However, its powers are much more advanced and for several missions it causes chaos by nullifying the gravity throughout Kai's entire neighborhood.


This Elebit is predominantly orange, though its face, belly and inner ears are white. It has a round head with long, wing-like ears, a teardrop-shaped body, very small limbs, and a flower-like pink and white tail which spins continuously. Its body is decorated with various intricate patterns.

During the first half of battle the Sky Elebit is accompanied by two bird-like, golden orange spheres with eyes, beaks, and rudimentary wings. These spheres are not acknowledged in-game; they could be unidentified Elebits or perhaps just a manifestation of the Sky Elebit's power.

In battleEdit

The Sky Elebit starts the fight protected by a force field which is maintained by two bird-like spheres. The force field renders it uncapturable and must be removed by grabbing and destroying the spheres. While protected by the force field, the Sky Elebit attacks by releasing Orange Elebits which cluster together and rush the player, projectile-like.

Once the force field is removed, any Orange Elebits present disappear and the Sky Elebit can be lifted and damaged by the Capture Gun. It will, however, evade capture by teleporting short distances, and can attack by creating two tornadoes which will follow the player for a short time.

Room notesEdit

"An Orange Elebit with special abilities released due to rampage. Stronger gravity manipulation and the ability to create tornados [sic]. Revealed by joint research by Dr. Ed and Dr. Anna."