Sea Elebit
Sea Elebit
The Sea Elebit

Base Watts

Boss; not capturable

Special Ability

Splitting, Shield, Transparency

First Appears In

Mission 7

Sea Eledees split

Sea Elebit using a Split.

The Sea Elebit is the first boss in the game. It is actually just a powered-up Blue Elebit and is similarly quick to flee; however, instead of leaving after-images, it physically splits into copies of itself, each of which moves and must be captured independently of the others.


The Sea Elebit is bipedal. The surface of its body is blue and highly reflective, like water. It has a round head with large ears, an angler-like antenna, and pink-tipped whisker-like protrusions reminiscent of external gills. Its long, flexible arms are more like tentacles, but its small legs are easily recognizable as such. It also has a long, wide, somewhat flat tail.

In battleEdit

The battle with this Elebit is in three waves. During the first wave, the Sea Elebit splits into three copies of itself, which must all be captured. For the second wave, it splits into six copies; for the third, it splits into ten.

The copies are inititially protected by a force field. Though stationary in this state, if left too long, the copies will teleport to other locations. When the force fields are touched by the Capture Beam they shatter, exposing the now nearly-transparent Elebits inside. The Elebits in this form can be captured; they will, however, will flee rapidly, causing chaos by knocking over furniture and teleporting regularly.

Each successive series of copies is smaller and quicker. They can move to any part of the room, even up in the rafters, and last wave of them can even hide inside of objects, though they are given away by the yellow streaks of lightning emanating from their hiding place.

Though its copies can be frustrating to catch, the Sea Elebit has no damaging attacks.

Room notesEdit

"A Mysterious and powerful outside force causes a Blue Elebit to run amok, releasing special abilities. Along with their speed, they can split into multiple Elebits and rampage."