Red Elebit
Red elebit
A Red Elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=2

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 1

Red Elebits are very common. They are more likely to panic than Green Elebits and hide under things more frequently. They will often cry or raise an alarm when panicked which will draw the attention of other nearby elebits. Sometimes other elebits gather around a crying Red Elebit in order to comfort it.


As suggested by the name, Red Elebits are mostly red. Their body and appendages are conical. Their body has a triangle shape in front with a red button-like circle on it. Their horned heads are circular with a white, teardrop-shaped face. Their eyes and mouth are dark brown, and their eyes contain red star-shaped marks.


While Red Elebits are very skittish and cowardly, their horns might denote their somewhat mischevious nature, as they have a tendency to climb up the sides of things and also jump across gaps. Additionally, a pair of Red Elebits can almost always be found inside of Tanks and Artillery, implying that they are the ones controlling them and attacking Kai. When found, they quickly look around for a way to escape, or simply hunch over and tremble. If they can not find a way to escape, they will typically either start crying loudly, or will create a police like siren that wakes up and alerts other Elebits in the area.

Room notesEdit

"A coward and cry-baby of an Elebit. Quick to flee; hides under things when startled, or cries if this is not possible. Sometimes other Elebits gather to comfort a crying Red Elebit."

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