Power Elebit
Power Elebit
A High Power Elebit

Base Watts

None; Increases strength

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 1

When producing energy, Elebits become Power Elebits. Power Elebits are commonly found by activating objects with switches once the player has amassed enough Watts.

All Elebits have a Power form, but Green Power Elebits are the only form of Power Elebit seen in Elebits (game).

Capturing Power Elebits does not contribute to the capture gun's watt total; instead, it increases the strength of the Capture Gun, allowing it to lift heavier objects.


Power Elebits and High Power Elebits are both essentially palette swaps of Green Elebits. The former is yellow; the latter is pink.

Elebits Room NotesEdit

For Power Elebits:

"A Green Elebit in power generation mode turns yellow. Elebits have three forms: normal (material), pure energy, and this form, which is known as the Power Elebit."

For High Power Elebits:

"Some Green Elebits have extremely high power generation, and when they enter power generation mode, they become this deep pink High Power Elebit. Indistinguishable in material form."