Omega Elebits are Elebits with unique abilities that Kai encounters on his adventure in Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero.

Name Ability Location
Zero Light ---
Fire Omega Fire Elebit Forest
X Fire Omega Fire Resort Island
Ice Omega Ice Elebit Forest
X Ice Omega Ice Ice World
Water Omega Water Resort Island
Power Omega Strength Elebit Forest
X Power Omega Strength Resort Island
Earth Omega Earth Elebit Mine
X Earth Omega Earth Ruined World
Wind Omega Wind Resort Island
X Wind Omega Wind Ice World
Melody Omega Sound Elebit Mine
Sponge Omega Absorption Resort Island
Magnet Omega Magnetism Elebit Mine
X Magnet Omega Magnetism Sea Temple
Surf Omega Flotation Resort Island
Speed Omega Speed Ruined Word
Warp Omega Teleportation Elebit Forest
Radar Omega Radar Elebit Mine
Takosuke Fever Laser Menu
More Soon

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