Green Elebit
Green Elebit
A Green Elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=1

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 1

These Elebits are the most common type of Elebit. They are also worth the least amount of watts - between 10 and 15.


Green Elebits are, as the name suggests, mostly green. Their main body is much like a bulb. They have cylindrical arms and legs. They also have long ears and an antenna topped with a bioluminescent light. Their body has tan patches under the mouth, in the ears and on the bottom; the thin, straight mouth is under a tan tall nose, which are under two straight, black lines for eyes.


Green Elebits are typically very relaxed as they slowly walk from place to place, displaying only the most basic Elebit behavior of hiding and sleeping during gameplay. When they are panicked, they will possibly run away, but will typically just stare up at the player and tremble in fear.

Elebits Room NotesEdit

"The oldest type of domesticated Elebit. Easygoing; likes songs and cookies. Most common Elebit. Although subtle, Dr. Ed found that they have an expression for each emotion."

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