Green Elebit
Elebits (Known as Eledees in PAL reigions) are the power source in the game Elebits.

Elebits resemble small, (mostly) humanoid creatures who come in several colors, such as green, red, yellow, etc. Their bodies produce heat and electricity, so people use Elebits to power electrical appliances and cars.

Elebits have 3 forms:

  • Their normal forms, which they are commonly in. They are small and are extraordinarily flexible in this form.
  • They all have Power forms, a form containing high watt storage, which is simply their normal form with a different color, although only Green Power Elebits are ever seen.
  • Also, all elebits have an energy form, which is the form they turn into to power electronics.


  • Whether or not it could be considered canonical information, in game, Elebits appear to be able to survive falling from extraordinary heights and having objects thrown at/dropped on them, which would cause heavy damage or even death if done to a human.