Captur Gun-house

The Capture Gun lifting a house.

The Capture Gun is a device that closely resembles a ray gun. Created by Dr. Ed and Dr. Anna, it is also capable of firing a beam of energy that easily captures Elebits and can lift up objects as well that would be impossible for a human, such as a lorry, or even a house. Elebits generally hide under objects so the Capture Gun is useful for capturing Elebits. It's strength is immense, being able to lift up to 1,000 metric tons at maximum, and can be upgraded by capturing Power Elebits. The more power Elebits collected, the more powerful the Capture Gun can lift even heavier things. It has 'health' in the form of durability. However, it breaks easily and it's durability cannot be recovered in Elebits, but durability packs in Elebits: The Adventures of Kai & Zero can be used to restore and expands the Guard Boost's durability meter. It can be damaged by Black Elebits or energy blasts. Kai uses it at first to get revenge on the Elebits, but soon uses it to restore power to his home and neighborhood by capturing Elebits and ultimately, saving the world from 'that bad guy'.