Blue Elebit
Blue elebit
A blue elebit

Base Watts


 Adventures of Kai of Zero=10

Special Ability


First Appears In

Mission 4

Blue Elebits are uncommon Elebits which are more prone to running away than some of the others. They have the special ability to leave images of themselves a step behind themselves in attempt to avoid capture. They will also release a smoke screen to help them run away.


Blue Elebits are top-heavy with a bulbous, light blue head and a smaller, darker blue body with a small pointed tail. Their arms and legs, also light blue, are cylindrical. Their eyes and mouth are the same color as their body. Their pupils are orange and circular. They have an antenna like Green Elebits, but in this case it dangles in front of their face like that of an anglerfish.


Blue Elebits' most common behavior is to simply run upon being found, using almost ninja like techniques of releasing a smoke screen and super imposing images of themselves temporarily as they run away. This is apparently done in a playful manner, as their note refers to them as enjoying having humans chase after them. Other than this, however, they will generally just hide and sleep when given the time to do so.

Room NotesEdit

"A fast-running Elebit that uses a smoke screen to flee instantly, leaving an images behind. Impetuous and mischief-loving, Blue Elebits love it when humans seek them."

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